Call to open USB SIM Module V2.0

digiGate ‘Call to open’ Module

Version 2.0 - ANY mobile network supported WORLDWIDE!

Insert any nano SIM card, plug into the digiGate Electric Gate system USB port, add valid phone numbers and call to open the gate!

  • Open the gate with a phone call from anywhere.
  • Unlimited phone numbers.
  • Access control restrictions.
  • Perfect backup in the event of Internet failure.

The digiGate system hangs up when a call is received so no charge to the caller or the SIM card inside the module.

Requires digiGate Electric Gate system to work and mains plug v2 (5.1v 2.5A) or hardwire kit.

SIM Card

The GSM module requires an active micro SIM card with credit and voicemail disabled.

The digiGate system instructs the GSM module to send a text out once a month to keep the SIM card from expiring. This uses minimal credit so a £10 topup will last a very long time.



1 year standard.

Technical Info

digiGate GSM Module Technical Information

The Call to open GSM module plugs into the digiGate USB port.

GSM unit dimensions: 8.5cm x 2.5cm x 1cm

The ‘Call to open’ GSM module is not waterproof.

In the box

What's included:

- digiGate ‘Call to open’ GSM Module
- USB cable