digiGate - Electric Gates

digiGate Electric Gates Home Automation System

  • Control your gates with your smartphone.
  • Unlimited user accounts.
  • Access control restrictions.
  • Automatic calendar/weekday timings.
  • Automatic proximity opening.
  • Alexa, Siri & Google voice control.
  • Many more features!

Risk free trial

Return your digiGate within 2 weeks of purchase to receive a full refund. No questions asked.

No monthly fees!
Purchase digiGate and enjoy a lifetime of use.


1 year standard with extension available when ordering.

Call the gate to open it

Open the gate by calling it with any phone. Perfect for guests and as an Internet failure backup!

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digiGate Compatibility

See if your gate is on the compatibility list for digiGate. Give us a shout if you don't find it on the list and we'll check it for you!

View Gate Compatibility List

Technical Info

digiGate Technical Information

All digiGate systems come with an Ethernet port and WiFi module as standard.

Main unit dimensions: 7cm x 15cm x 3cm

5v 3A Micro USB power from either mains plug or 230-5v transformer & micro usb cable.

digiGate Electric Gate system has 1 output to control 1 electric gate. Connections are made to the gate controller via terminals 1 & 2 (NO & COM).

  • Terminal 1: Normally open (NO)
  • Terminal 2: Common (COM)
  • Terminal 3: Factory Reset terminal
  • Terminal 4: Factory Reset terminal
  • Terminal 5: Normally closed (NC)


digiGate system and accessories are not waterproof. If there's no space in your gate control enclosure, digiGate should be fitted inside another IP rated waterproof enclosure if it can't be fitted inside a building.

In the box

What's included:

- digiGate Electric Gate system
- Power plug or transformer + cable
- Switch cabling to connect to the gate
- WiFi module
- Mounting bracket
- Quick start guide

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