Phone making a call to open home gates

Call to open the gate

Purchase the additional V2.0 USB 'Call to open' module to enable you and your visitors to open the gate with a phone call.

Simply insert a SIM card and add authorised phone numbers via the app.

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No app required

Authorised visitors simply dial the number.

Perfect for guests who don't need the full digiGate app.

Easy to setup

1. Insert a SIM card & plug into your digiGate's USB slot with the provided cable.

2. Add authorised phone numbers via mobile app*.

3. Call to open the gate.

Calls from unrecognised numbers are rejected and logged.

*WiFi/Ethernet Internet connection required by digiGate for app functionality & user management. 'Call to open' module does not provide Internet connection.

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No cost to caller

digiGate hangs up when called so no cost to your phone.

digiGate SIM Card

SIM Card

New for version 2.0 - digiGate 'Call to open' module is unlocked to any network and requires a nano SIM card to operate.

No data required for SIM to operate.

SIM card must be active with credit loaded and voicemail disabled.

Totally Secure

Only people you allow can open the gates with a call.
Anyone else gets rejected.

Very cheap to run

Works by using a pay-as-you-go SIM card, costing around 60p a year for you to run.
This means that a £10 top up will last approximately 16 years before requiring another top up.

digiGate laptop uploading gsm user accounts

Bulk upload numbers

digiGate enables you to upload & maintain phone numbers via an Excel spreadsheet for locations with a large number of visitors.

You can even set access control via the spreadsheet, limiting visitor access times.


Do I need the app to use the GSM module?
No. The module receives phone calls so no app is required.

Will the module work in my area?
The V2 modules are unlocked to any network so area coverage is dependant on the SIM card you use.

What SIM card can I use?
The modules are unlocked to any network. We recommend Three pay as you go.

Can the GSM module use 4G?
No, the digiGate will need an Internet connection via Ethernet or WiFi for the app to function. This can be achieved by a 4G router.

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