digiGate Electric Gates Mobile App

How does it work?

Start controlling with digiGate

Simple Setup

digiGate connects to your 'automatic closing' electric gates & the Internet.

Connect to digiGate with the mobile and web apps to control your gates.

digiGate can be installed by anyone.

Video Tutorials

Connect digiGate to gates

digiGate uses 2 cables to connect either directly to your electric gates in the control box or to an override switch.

digiGate Electric Gates Installation

digiGate Ethernet Internet Connection

Internet connection

Connect to the Internet using  the built in Ethernet port, included WiFi dongle or the optional extra USB GSM dongle combined with your own data SIM card.

User accounts

Login to the web app and:

- Create app accounts for users with smartphones. 
- Create GSM accounts for opening the gates with a phone call.

The app is not required for GSM users.

digiGate Electric Gates Mobile App iOS Android

digiGate Electric Automatic Gates USB GSM Dongle

GSM functionality

Purchase our USB GSM dongle to open the gates with a phone call.

This dongle can also double up as an Internet connection if a data sim is used. (Recommended for when WiFi or Ethernet is not available).

So what do I get?

- digiGate control unit
- Power supply
- Ethernet network cable
- WiFi dongle
- Switch cables to connect to your gate & factory reset cable
- Wall mount
- Screws
- digiGate connect card

digiGate In The Box

iOS and Android

digiGate works with both iOS and Android devices.

digiGate Instructions

digiGate Setup

Download the full instruction manual and watch video tutorials.

Setup guides

Professional Installation

digiGate is partnered with certified installers who offer professional installation.

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Will digiGate work on my gates?
digiGate will work if your gates automatically close after you open them.

I have no WiFi or Ethernet at my gates, can digiGate work for me?
Yes. Ethernet-over-power devices can be used at the gates or alternatively use our GSM dongles with a data sim.

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