digiGate - Garage

digiGate Electric Garage Home Automation System

  • Control your garage with your smartphone.
  • Manage who has access and when.
  • GPS control.
  • Alexa voice control.
  • Many more features!

All digiGate systems come with an Ethernet port and WiFi functionality as standard.

Packaging includes:
- digiGate Electric Garage system
- Power plug
- Switch cables
- Ethernet cable
- WiFi module
- Mounting bracket
- Quick start guide

'Same button opens & closes door' - Your garage door has 1 button which operates it. This button opens the door and also closes it.
'Separate open/close buttons' - Your garage door has 2 buttons which operate it. There is 1 button which opens the door and a separate button to close it.

Dimensions: 7cm x 15cm x 3cm

Phone pictured not included

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