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digiGate Frequently Asked Questions

Will digiGate work on my gates?
digiGate will work on any automatically closing electric gates with or without sensors. If your gate isn't programmed to automatically close, you will need to enable this for digiGate to work properly. We can provide support for this if required. 

Will digiGate work on my garage?
digiGate will work on any garage that features a switch/button.

Can I still use my remote controls/pin pad?
Yes. digiGate is a bolt on product that works alongside all existing manufacturer controls.

What is a GSM 'dial to open' module?
GSM is is a mobile connection method. When you purchase your digiGate you can also select the optional USB GSM module which allows you to open your gates/garage by calling it with a phone. You simply insert a valid SIM card*, plug the module in your digiGate and add valid phone numbers through the mobile app.
*SIM must be active, have credit loaded and voicemail disabled.

Can the GSM 'dial to open' module use 4G?
No, the digiGate will need an Internet connection via Ethernet or WiFi for the app to function.

How many users can use the digiGate?
There are no limit to the amount of users you can add to your digiGate.

Will the digiGate app work on my phone/tablet?
digiGate works on Android and iOS devices.
The digiGate app requires iOS 10 or above for Apple products and Android 8 (API level 26) for Android. Android 10 required for proximity detection feature.

Where should I position my digiGate?
Your digiGate needs to be positioned horizontally with the logo the correct way up. We supply 1m of switch cabling to get you up and running so aim to fix the digiGate around half a metre away from your switch. You can use any length regular low-voltage cable for Garage or Gate control and mains-voltage cable for mains voltage switching devices.

Is digiGate waterproof?
No, digiGate needs to be positioned somewhere dry, away from any water & moisture. If positioned outside, digiGate needs to be inside an IP rated enclosure. Recommended enclosure dimensions are 30cm x 15cm x 5cm.

What length of switch cable can I use when connecting to my gate?
Any length of switch cables can be used when connecting to your gate. You can even run them from the gate to your property and position digiGate inside there.

How long is the digiGate warranty?
The digiGate limited warranty is 1 year but extensions can be purchased. You can find out more here.

Does digiGate require an Internet connection?
Yes. In order to control digiGate with the mobile app an Internet connection is required. The digiGate web app also requires an Internet connection for calendar and weekday timings. You can connect to the Internet with the digiGate Ethernet or WiFi connection types. WiFi modules are included with every digiGate and Ethernet is built in. For areas without an Internet connection we recommend powerline ethernet adapters, WiFi extenders or pairing digiGate with a Teltonika TRB140 unit for quick and easy 4G setup.

Is digiGate future proof?
Yes. digiGate is always expanding with new features with the free updates via the cloud.

Will digiGate work in my country?
digiGate works everywhere. We will send you a relevant power supply for your location.

I haven't had an order confirmation email
Please check your spam & junk folders in case your email confirmation has gone there. We can always resend confirmation emails so please don't hesitate to get in touch.


I do not have an ethernet/WiFi connection where I will be placing my digiGate.
We recommend you purchase an ethernet-over-power (powerline) adapter to get an Internet connection at the location of your digiGate or a WiFi extender.

My gates/garage is not responding to the digiGate.
The digiGate uses internal relays that make a click sound when controlling your device. If you do not hear a click sound but get a message on your web or mobile app saying your device should be open/on, please contact support for further analysis. Alternatively, please ensure all cabling is securely fitted and try restarting your digiGate with the web app.

My digiGate GSM USB module is not working.
Please ensure you have your GSM USB module plugged in before switching on your digiGate and you purchased a sim with an operator that works in your area. Please also ensure the module flashes blue, signalling the sim card inside is inserted properly and has signal.

Please also check you have added phone numbers to the digiGate as 'GSM User accounts' and the number format matches (07 or +44 etc). Rejected phone calls are entered into the Access Log so you can go there to see if the digiGate is not recognising your number.

I have had a powercut and my digiGate is not responding.
After a powercut occurs, the digiGate will take a few minutes to boot up again. If you have a GSM module in your digiGate, please allow slightly longer for this to boot up and retrieve a network signal again. If your digiGate does not respond after longer than 10 minutes, please reboot your digiGate by turning it off and on manually using the power socket. If your digiGate still fails to respond, please check your network is up and running correctly.

Connecting to WiFi fails
Please ensure you are entering in the correct WiFi password.
If the problem persists, please restart your WiFi router and the digiGate and try again.

Proximity Opening isn't working
Please follow this guide to help diagnose the issue.

Shut button doesn't work
The shut button on the digiGate app is used to cancel any latch or schedule you have set. The gate will close by itself after it's default 'open/pause time' has surpassed. The shut button cannot override the default open time the gate is set to.

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