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503 connection lost error
Follow our network troubleshoot guide.

Can’t see digiGate’s WiFi?
Reboot your digiGate for it to show its WiFi again for 1 hour.

digiGate App says not connected to digiGate WiFi
Ensure your device has permission for digiGate to access your location.

digiGate WiFi Password
The password to connect to your digiGate's WiFi is 'digiGate' + the last 2 characters of your secret code.
An example password would be 'digiGateA2'.

digiGate Web App Access
Your digiGate web app can be accessed by entering in your Connect Code URL into a web browser.
The code is the one ending with and can be found on the digiGate card you received with your system.

Web & App separate accounts
The digiGate web and mobile apps are separate accounts.
You will need to register an account for the web to login.

Check if your digiGate is online
Open a web browser and enter the connect code URL.
If you see a blue login screen, your digiGate is connected to the Internet.

Shut button doesn't work
The shut button on the digiGate app is used to cancel any latch or schedule you have set. The gate will close by itself after it's default 'open/pause time' has surpassed. The shut button cannot override the default open time the gate is set to.

Internet Connectivity

‘Connection failed’ app message

This message means your phone/tablet cannot communicate with the digiGate system.

There can be multiple reasons this message could be appearing.

1. Your phone/tablet has no internet connection.
Please check your device has a solid WiFi or data connection.

2. digiGate has no Internet connection.
If the WiFi signal is less than 65% signal strength it can disconnect intermittently.

digiGate could be blocked by a firewall on your network. Please open port 8080 to allow the connection to be made.

GSM data has been enabled on the device. This connection method is deprecated and should be disabled.

Reconnecting WiFi

1. Connect to digiGate's WiFi
Can't see it? Reboot your digiGate and it will appear again.

2. Head to 'Device Settings' on the digiGate app and at the bottom you'll find 'Change WiFi Settings'.

3. Scan for the WiFi you are connecting to, ensure it has at least 65% signal strength to avoid intermittent disconnections and enter the password to connect.

GSM 'Call to open' module

GSM Module

What do the LED colours mean?
Red - SIM card not recognised.
Green flashing - Looking for signal.
Blue flashing - Got signal and ready to receive calls.
Solid blue - GSM data is enabled (deprecated).

Check the SIM card is in correctly and in line with the graphic printed on the module.

digiGate USB GSM Module

App Proximity Opening

GPS Proximity Opening

Ensure location is enabled on your device.

Enable 'Precise Location' and 'Always'
Settings > digiGate > Location

Android 10 or newer required.

Disable 'Battery Optimisation' for the digiGate app.

Enable 'Improve Location accuracy'
Settings > Location > Advanced > Google Location Accuracy

Enable 'High Accuracy'
Settings -> Location -> Mode

Further settings to improve Android location reliability:

Proximity helper page
digiGate open with GPS app screen

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