digiGate makes your electric gate smart.

Add app control to your electric gates and open/close them from anywhere.
Proximity opening, voice control, logging and more!

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digiGate Mobile App control with latch access, GSM and GPS
digiGate Electric Gate System

What is digiGate?

digiGate is a small device that easily connects to your electric gates and enables you to control them via mobile app, GSM (call to open) and the web.

digiGate works seamlessly alongside all other gate controls you may have such as keypads, fobs etc.

No monthly fees!

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Mobile app control

Remote control your electric gate from anywhere.

- Unlimited user accounts.
- iOS & Android compatible.
- No subscription charges!

Existing fobs, keypads, intercoms etc. all remain functional!

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digiGate gif showing a timed latch action
digiGate WhatsApp account

WhatsApp us!

Send us a photo of your gate controller and we'll tell you exactly how digiGate connects.

We can also help with any questions you have!

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digiGate app with manage users page

Manage Your Users

digiGate enables you to completely manage who can access your gate, when and for how long.

There are various access levels and you can quickly create, enable and disable users on the go.

Create unlimited user accounts for free!

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Latch the Gate Open

- Hold the gate open for deliveries, guests arriving etc.

- Select a duration up to 24 hours.

- Unlatch again with the shut button.

- You decide who has access to latching the gate.

digiGate gate controls page with GPS, GSM and latch
digiGate GPS proximity detection

Automatic Proximity Opening

Built into the digiGate app for free.

Open the gate automatically when you arrive by using your phone's GPS location. Totally hands free.

Drive straight in by setting the ideal distance you want to be from the gate before it should start opening.

No extra modules required.

Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri

digiGate can easily be setup with IFTTT for free, meaning you can control it with Alexa & Google Assistant.

Setup digiGate with Siri and create iPhone & Apple Watch widgets via Shortcuts.

Alexa opening gates with digiGate
digiGate access log app screen

Download Access Log

digiGate enables admin users to download a complete access log of who's opened the gate, when and for how long.

View the log on your phone or download a PDF version from the integrated web app on a computer.

Log keeps last 30 days of access.

'Dial to open' Module


Call the gate to open it.

Easily add authorised phone numbers via the mobile & web app.

Unlimited phone numbers can be added.

Restrict access weekly, one-off, between two dates or full access 24/7.

Calling requires digiGate system, digiGate USB GSM Module & Full Size SIM.

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Phone making a call to open home gates
digiGate weekday and calendar schedule app screens

Built-in Scheduling

Add, edit and remove up to 3 automated timings per day/date, all via your mobile phone.

Leaving for work?
Have the gate open for you automatically every day with the weekday schedule function.

Having a party?
Have your gates open for the duration with the calendar schedule function.

Operating a commercial site?
Keep the gate open between opening hours automatically.

digiGate Web Access

Each digiGate has its own unique connect code URL which is used to access the built in web app from any browser.

Manage accounts, schedules, settings and control the gate, all via the web.

The digiGate login code is used for all users when logging into the mobile app & web. Make this code easy to remember by customising it.

digiGate web app control
digiGate app screen with multiple devices

Control your gates and garages

Add as many digiGate devices as you require to the one digiGate app.

Switching between devices is quick and easy.

Got a garage? There's also a digiGate Garage Door system

digiGate Garage System

Works with Flic Bluetooth buttons

Set your own actions with 3 button click types: click, double click and hold.

Put them in your car, by the front door, anywhere!

Flic buttons only work when your phone is near. No more unsecured remote fobs lying around.

Visit Flic website
Flic button with gate actions
Remote control with electric gate

Existing controls still work

digiGate systems work seamlessly alongside existing remotes, keypads, ground loops or any other accessories you have.

See who's at the gate

We recommend the Ring Video Doorbell for seeing and speaking with your visitors at the gate, from anywhere.

You can open the gate with the digiGate app and close it again after they've left.

Ring's Real-time notifications mean you'll never miss a delivery again, no matter where you are.

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Ring Doorbell on gate post
digiGate Electric Garage controls page

digiGate Garage System

There's also a dedicated digiGate system for electric garage doors which is also packed with features.

Control all your devices within 1 mobile app.

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Professional Installation

digiGate can be installed by anyone. However, if you would like help with installing, we're partnered with professional & certified digiGate installers.

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Certified digiGate installer with cabling

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One of the team will call to discuss how digiGate will work for you.