Electric Gate app control from anywhere.

digiGate is the most complete solution for all your electric gate access control needs.

digiGate mobile app screens with GSM, GPS and timed open
digiGate system with dimensions

What is digiGate?

digiGate is a small device that easily connects to your electric gates and enables you to control them via mobile app, GSM and the web.

Mobile app control

Control your electric gates via the iOS and Android mobile apps. Both apps are free to download and there's no limit to the amount of users you can have.

digiGate gif showing a timed open action
digiGate user account management app screens

Manage Your Users

digiGate enables you to completely manage who can access your property, when and for how long.

There are various access levels and you can quickly create, enable and disable users on the go.

Create unlimited user accounts.

Latch the Gate Open

Open the gate for any specific duration with the digiGate mobile app. Close the gate at any time.

digiGate timed latch open gate app screen
digiGate open with GPS app screen

Automatic GPS Opening

Open the gate automatically when you get home.

Close the gate when you leave.

Totally hands free and automatic.

Automatic mode requires a free IFTTT account.

"Alexa, open gates"

digiGate can easily be setup with IFTTT for free, meaning you can control it with your voice & Amazon Alexa.

Control digiGate with anything via the built in API and webhooks.

Alexa opening gates with digiGate
digiGate access log app screen

Access Log

digiGate enables admin users to download a complete access log of who's opened the gate, when and for how long.

The log is available on the mobile apps and a PDF version is available via the integrated web app.

GSM Phone Call Control

Easily add authorised phone numbers to the digiGate via the mobile app so visitors can call to get in.

Restrict access the same as mobile app users.

Requires USB GSM Module & SIM.

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Phone making a call to home gates
digiGate weekday and calendar schedule app screens

Automated Timings

Leaving for work?

Have the gate open for you automatically every day with the weekday schedule function.

Having a party?

Have your gates open for the duration with the calendar schedule function.

digiGate Web App

Alongside the mobile app, every digiGate also comes with a built in web app where you can also manage all users, set schedules and download updates etc.

The web app is accessible from anywhere.

digiGate web app on computer
digiGate app screen with multiple devices

Unlimited Devices

The digiGate mobile app enables you to control an unlimited number of digiGate devices.

There's also a digiGate Garage Door system and you can switch seamlessly between controlling your electric gate and your garage, all within 1 app.

Garage Door system info

Works with Flic buttons

The digiGate mobile app works seamlessly with Flic bluetooth buttons, enabling you to control your gate at the push of a button.

Set your own actions with 3 button click types: click, double click and hold.

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Flic button with gate actions
Certified digiGate installer with cabling

Professional Installation

digiGate can be installed by anyone. However, if you would like help with installing, we're partnered with professional & certified digiGate installers.

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