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digiGate Setup & Usage

Download the full instruction manual or follow video tutorials below.

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Tutorials for the latest digiGate app (Feb 2020) will be here very soon.

Step 1: digiGate Cabling

Connect the switch cables to terminals 1 & 2 on your digiGate with the other ends in the NO (normally open) and COM ports on your gate control board.

Insert Ethernet, WiFi or 3G module into digiGate to connect it to the Internet.

digiGate Electric Gate system Installed on wall

Step 2: Register Web App Account

After connecting digiGate to the Internet*, open a web browser and navigate to the web app using the connect code on your digiGate card. Register a web app account, activate it and log in.

*Users with WiFi digiGate systems will need to use the mobile app to configure the WiFi before accessing the web app.
Users using a 3G module need to configure using Ethernet first.

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Step 3: App User Accounts

Navigate to the App users section on the web app to create/edit/delete app user accounts.

App user accounts must be created using the web app before the mobile app can be used to control digiGate.

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Step 4: GSM User Accounts

If you purchased a GSM module, navigate to the GSM users section on the web app and create/edit/delete GSM users here.

Calls to the digiGate from phone numbers not linked to a GSM account are rejected by the digiGate.

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Step 5: Weekday Timings

Navigate to the Weekday timings section on the web app to setup times where digiGate automatically opens and closes your gates for you on certain days of the week, every week.

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Step 6: Calendar Timings

Navigate to the Calendar timings section on the web app to setup times where digiGate automatically opens and closes your gates for you on certain dates you set.

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Step 7: Mobile App Setup

After creating an app user account in step 3, download the free digiGate app and enter the app user information.

digiGate WiFi users will not have an app user account yet but can return to step 2 after configuring the digiGate WiFi using the mobile app.

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Step 8: Control digiGate with Mobile App

Learn how to use the digiGate mobile app to control the digiGate system.

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Extra Tutorials

View digiGate Log

Learn how to download and view the digiGate access log.
See who accessed the gates and when.

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