Mains Hardwire Kit Guide

Learn what the hardwire kit contains and how it connects digiGate directly into your mains power feed.

Your mains feed can be 110v-240v.

Hardwire Kit Components

1 x Mains Plug
5.1v and powers the digiGate system via micro USB connection.

1 x Mains Socket
Wires directly to mains cabling via Live, Neutral and Earth connections. Your electric gate will have mains cabling available for this to connect to.

3 x Cable Connectors
Join mains cables by using the provided connectors. There's 1 connector for each cable type (Live, Neutral & Earth). Each connector is 3 way meaning your live feed at the gate can supply digiGate and have 1 spare for another accessory if required.

Step 1: Unscrew socket lid

Using a screwdriver, unscrew the back lid from the socket to reveal the screw terminal points inside for Live, Neutral and Earth.

Step 2: Wire up socket

Switch off all mains power before continuing.

With a length of 3 core mains cabling, connect Live, Neutral and Earth mains connections to corresponding screw terminals on the inside of the supplied mains socket. L = Live, N = Neutral & E = Earth.

Step 3: Connectors & live feed

Connect other end of mains cable (Live, Neutral and Earth connections) from the socket into 3 separate cable connectors.

1 connector for Live
1 connector for Neutral
1 connector for Earth

Connect Live, Neutral and Earth feed (which provides gate controller with power) to corresponding connectors.

You will have 1 spare port per connector to power another accessory you may require.

Mains feed can be 110v-240v.

Step 4: Insert plug and power on

Insert the supplied mains plug into the fully wired socket.

Plug the micro USB connection from the plug into the digiGate.

Switch all power on.

Product information

The digiGate hardwire kit is not waterproof and should be installed in an IP rated enclosure.

110v-240v compatible.